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Fransje Killaars COLORS Object Rotterdam

As you may have noticed, I routinely turn up the contrast and saturation in Photohop when I edit the photo’s I take. It’s one of the secret ingredients of Interiorator – I love it when colors really pop. After I came home from Object Rotterdam last night and started editing the pictures I took  of the work of Fransje Killaars I realized that I actually had to turn the saturation down instead of up. For the first time ever! And really, if you look at the pictures, this should not have come as a surprise. With their extreme color combinations,  the screens and bedspreads look absolutely amazing and have a style that is totally unique.

Lucky for me, Fransje was at the exhibition stand and I had a brief talk with her. It turns out Fransje is a well-known artist who makes these beautiful textile installations for museums around the world. I have to admit, I always feel more than a little stupid when I don’t know artist x or y – but  hey, I’m no Glasshole yet, so I  can’t know everything and everyone, right? Anyway, Fransje told me that she is expanding to home accessoires with screens and bedspreads she actually makes herself. I’d love to see what they would like like in my new bedroom!

PS: Oh and by the way, don’t forget to check out the Fransje Killaars book and video!


Fransje Killaars 01 Fransje Killaars 02 Fransje Killaars 03b Fransje Killaars 04 Fransje Killaars 05 Fransje Killaars 06 Fransje Killaars 07 Fransje Killaars 08


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