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Flying the Uzicopter back to the Eighties


Well, these überstylish glitzy neon airbrushed pictures aren’t the way I remember the Eighties, but I’ll happily play along with the retro Uzicopter Tumblr page! My version of the Eighties definitely was a lot less glamorous and involved going to bingo nights with my grandmother and a four-week stay in Benidorm in 1982. Fond memories! It seems there’s a lot of Eighties inspired design out there at the moment – just look at the first picture I took yesterday of the ANGIE logo on my way to the train station. It felt like one of those moments where you think, this really is what I imagined the future would look like twenty-five years ago!


Uzicopter 01 Uzicopter 02 Uzicopter 03 Uzicopter 04 Uzicopter 05

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