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I booked a Farrow & Ball In-Home Colour Consultancy – and this is the result

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And that is exactly why I wanted to pick *just* the right colour for my hallway. I love it when I have guests over and they ask themselves ‘Wut?’ the moment I open the door of my apartment. A hallway, dear readers, is meant to surprise. To seduce. To set the tone for the rest of your home. It was time for some long overdue ch-ch-changes in the hallway department. But what colour would I need? I had run out of inspiration and I needed someone to help me out. Enter the Farrow & Ball In-Home Colour Consultancy!  

It was a balmy spring day when my colour consultant Marjolijn van der Bijl dropped by. The Farrow & Ball In-Home Colour Consultancy had just launched in the Netherlands and we were both pretty excited that my hallway was one of the first projects we would do together. Of course, Marjolijn was already a seasoned interior designer and she definitely came prepared with, amongst others, a binder with giant Farrow & Ball colour swatches. BLISS. We sat down in the living room and started talking. I had already e-mailed Marjolijn some pictures of my hallway to give her an idea what my hallway looked like. Together, we went through the various options she had in mind. We soon agreed that we wanted to use a colour that was added to the Farrow & Ball collection only recently. After all, I like to stay ahead of the game and what better way to do so than with a fresh new paint colour? Also, dark blue would be out of the question. I was pretty much done with it and was looking for something completely different.

The first colour we looked at was Studio Green, a dark bottle green colour that would give my hallway a very sophisticated English look. It would also be the perfect backdrop for the paintings I usually rent at my local art library, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam. 


Studio Green by Farrow & Ball /// More on Studio Green by Farrow & Ball

We then mulled over option number two, a warm red hue called Radicchio. It would definitely make a statement! Imagine entering an apartment with a hallway painted out in red! I closed my eyes and thought about what it would look like. I like it, I answered Marjolijn. I like it a lot.

Radicchio by Farrow & Ball /// More on Interiorator.comRadicchio by Farrow & Ball

And then finally, Marjolijn showed my this ultrabright colour called Yellowcake – definitely not for the faint of heart. Of course, I would need to paint out literally every inch of my hallway to achieve maximum effect. And the result would look eye-popping. No prizes for guessing which option I decided to go for.

Yellowcake is the colour I chose after a Farrow & Ball In-Home Colour Consultancy /// More on Interiorator.comYellowcake by Farrow & Ball

Marjolijn wasn’t done working her magic yet, however. There were some more options to contemplate: which finish would I choose, what primer would I need? I always had a strong preference for the matt look Estate Emulsion gives, but since the hallway is a space that is used quite heavily, Marjolijn suggested that I choose a shinier and even more durable option called Modern Emulsion. She also suggested I use Farrow & Ball primer for a consistent surface – I wouldn’t want any irregularities ruining my sunny yellow hallway, now would I? And then finally, Marjolijn measured every nook and cranny to make sure I would get just the right amount of paint.

I spent the next weeks painting my hallway from dark blue to Yellowcake and truth be told, even was amazed by the brightness of Yellowcake. I also love how it looks different depending on the time of day. It can look yellow one moment (well, duh) and then more lime-greenish the next. And will you just look at the my shiny ceiling? Never would have thought of it myself, but Marjolijn definitely knew what she was talking about.

Long story short – I would definitely recommend booking a Farrow & Ball In-Home Consultancy if a) you’re not quite sure which colour you want and b) if you need help finding the right primer and undercoat.

If you want to book your own Farrow & Ball In-Home Colour Consultancy, then please follow this link.

Yellowcake is the colour I chose after a Farrow & Ball In-Home Colour Consultancy /// More on



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