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Falling in and out of love with Dead Che Guevara

So, I got this newsletter yesterday by K.Olin Tribu featuring the new Dead Che Guevara bust by Frank Kozik that is going on sale today in a limited edition of only fifteen pieces Exciting stuff, I thought. This porcelain bust also instantly reminded me of that Cher Guevara picture that went around the internet about ten years ago (isn’t the internet getting old by the way). In fact, I still have a framed version of that picture at home. It was fun and a half, it was camp, it was tongue in cheek in a sort of post post modern Naughts way. And as a side note – I think the Cher fan page should totally be called Cher Point (har, har). But I digress.

Anyway, I have to admit I really liked the Dead Che Guevara bust yesterday. And then I got on the train this morning, started writing this blogpost and suddenly thought: Why did I like this? What’s the point the artist’s trying to make? Is it political? Or just a semi-witty addition to design gift shops around the world? In short: I fell out of love. And I remember the exact moment I did. You see, K. Olin Tribu has a webshop called and in it I found a similar item called Skull Butterfly by someone called Noon. And it, ladies and gentlemen, is an EFFING knocked-off, cheap-ass imitation of that 2010 Memento Mori skull by Nymphenburg porcelain. And it gets the same lame fake limited edition spiel as the Dead Che Guevara bust. Sheesh! I felt so wrong, so stupid for falling in love with it the way I did, even though my infatuation only lasted one day. Cher, take me back and then – Take Me Home!

cher guevara

Cher Guevara


xm80y xm808

Dead Che Guevara


Skull Butterfly by NooN


 Memento Mori by Nymphenburg


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