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The Eyes of Laura Mars, a lying cyborg telemarketeer…and more

“Everywhere I look, I see things I have to do!”, I exclaimed yesterday. And it’s true – our apartment was a mess, I wanted to finish another blogpost and I had to go to the DIY store to get paint for our bedroom. Talk about first-world problems, right? Writing a daily blog can be a bit overwhelming at times so I’m glad that I can sit back, relax just press ‘publish’ for this Sunday’s installment of ‘…and more’ featuring The Eyes of Laura Mars, a lying cyborg marketeer…and more!

 1 – The Eyes of Laura Mars photoshoot scene

Watch this clip and you’ll see how Eighties fashion started not on January 1, 1980 but at least two years earlier! And dig Faye Dunaway’s stretched leg – so stylish!

The Eyes of Laura Mars


The Eyes of Laura Mars /// Interiorator

2- The Lying Cyborg Telemarketeer – ‘Are you a robot?’

I have the same ritual every night – I go to bed, start listening a podcast and then fall asleep way before the end. Not last Saturday night though! This episode of On the Media features a story a lying cyborg telemarketeer called Samantha West that is just too weird. Forget about all those boring trend forecasters predicting the same old ‘we’re going back to nature’ shit – One of the most important questions we will be asking in a few years is: ‘Are you a robot?’

Listen to the podcast here or read an article on about a fascinating phenomenon called soundboards.


3 – Scented Candles for men

Oddly enough, I’m one of the few male interior design bloggers and I am convinced that I can attract more male readers to Interiorator. This article in The Telegraph about scented candles for men might be a step in the right direction.

Scented candles for men

4- 3d Printed Candy

Everyone is jumping on the 3d bandwagon. There’s 3d printed everything: guns, fashion and now 3d candy. Just add sugar and water to your 3d printer and you’re ready to print some of the most beautiful candy you’ve ever seen.

3d printed candy /// Interiorator

5 – American Treasure Tour

Atlas Obscura is a great resource if you’re looking for off the path travel destinations – like the American Treasure Tour in Pennsylvania that has a huge collection of Americana. In fact, this place is SO big that visitors ride these little amusement park trains through the halls just to see everything. America at its most elegant and I LOVE it!

American Treasure Tour /// Interiorator



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