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Erwin Blumenfeld / Funny Face

Sometimes you have to look back to look forward. This weekend, I found these pictures of the original Vogue fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld – incredible how far ahead of his time this man was in the 1940s and 1950s! And don’t some of the pictures make you think of Madonna’s MDNA cover? Speaking of which, I’ve included a Photoshop tutorial on how to make your own visuals in this particular style at the bottom of this blogpost – together with, of course, two musical numbers from Funny Face to get you even more in the mood.

tumblr_m9gxkzwRr21qhbkduo1_1280 erwin-blumenfeld-vogue-cover-may-1945 tumblr_llcmgadWnA1qztk1wo1_r1_500 01-Erwin-Blumenfeld_900 Erwin Blumenfeld 00 erwin-blumenfeld-blog-1 erwin-blumenfeld-blog-2 erwin-blumenfeld-vogue-ago-1944 med_studio-blumenfeld_01-jpg tumblr_llcze8Xh9y1qztk1wo1_1280



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