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Elaine Gignilliat Plates and Prints

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And no, I’m not talking about Christmas. It’s the end of August and all the major interior design magazines are releasing their September issues. I’m reading them all digitally nowadays and so this is what my inbox has been looking like this week: “Votre magazine Côté Paris — Aout – Septembre 2013 est arrivé !” “Septiembre 2013 AD España está listo para su lectura!” and “Agosto 2013 Elle Decor Italia è disponibile per la lettura!!” With so much great new Design with a capital D to discover and write about, I decided to take the road less travelled and go for something a little more fun. I saw these  Elaine Gignilliat plates last night in AD España and instantly knew I had hit the jackpot. You see, Elaine Gignilliat is the illustrious illustrator of all those Eighties romance book covers you love to hate – or hate to love, as the case may be. Some of Elaine’s work also made it onto a series of collector plates called Children of the Week. Which, of course, I want really badly now because they’re so deliciously camp and colorful (the plates, not the children). Or I might go for one of those prints that you can buy exclusively on Elaine’s website – which you really, really must check out if only for the little bio’s she writes about all the models she has worked with. Choices, choices!

PS: You can find a lot of these plates on eBay – that is, if I don’t beat you to it and buy them all myself.

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