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Eccentric Extravaganza: Nicky Haslam

What is it about eccentric interiors that I’m liking so much this year? Is a new trend – or is it just me gradually turning into an old geezer? I thought I’d explore this question a bit further over the next few weeks and so I hope you’re into big, busy, bold, beautiful, brazen, bountiful, bootilicious and lots of other adjectives starting with the letter ‘b’ that describe my favorite interior design style of the moment. Let’s start with a bang – here’s Nicky Haslam!

Now, I just read this interior designer’s Wikipedia page and this man’s biography sure makes for a gripping story – it’s got everything but a fire at the orphanage (in case you’re wondering, I’m quoting Liberace here). And let’s face it, with a mother called Diamond Louise Constance Ponsonby, a few years of breeding Arabian show horses in Arizona and a relationship with Paolo Moschino you’re bound to end up a bit more eccentric than your average Joe. In fact, now that I think of it Nicky Haslam’s 2009 memoir Redeeming Features might make for an excellent beach book when I’m going to Portugal this summer!

For now though, let me show you some of my favorite Nicky Haslam pictures I found on the internets this Sunday morning. It’s a lot to take in – I know! And with all the knick knacks, these interiors must be a bitch to clean. But everything sure looks pretty!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend – and make sure you order Nicky Haslam’s latest book called A Designer’s Life if you’re into this sort of thing.

– Patrick

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Source: Architectural Digest


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