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Dune 1984 , Dune Buggy, the Jayne Mansfield mansion…and more

Today’s edition of ‘…and more’ is a bit of a mixed bag taste-wise – which I guess is me in a nutshell. I mean – which other blog gives you a Mid-Century Modern home with paper sculptures, Dune 1984 AND Bud Spencer and Terence Hill all wrapped up in one single blogpost? Let’s see if I can pull it off!

1 – Irving Harper’s paper sculptures

Getting older doesn’t mean losing your sense of style. Just watch this video of Irving Harper. Not only does this man make beautiful paper sculptures, he also has a beautifully decorated home.



2 – Inside the Jayne Mansfield mansion

Did Jayne Mansfield lose her head before or after she got decapitated in the horrific car accident that killed her back in 1967? In any case, her pink mansion was definitely something else. The staircase you see here is pretty cool, but other than that it’s pink carpeting from floor to ceiling – literally!  You can see the full photo series on

Jayne Mansfield mansion


3 – Dune 1984

I was fifteen years old when Dune was released and it was an amazing experience. I haven’t watched it in ages – but it’s online now on YouTube in 68 glorious episodes. Out of this world set design, Sting in leather underwear and a bald Sian Phillips directed by David Lynch – cinema doesn’t get much better than this! I’ve posted the first two episodes for you – check out the rest on YouTube.


 4 – Dune Buggy

It’s a small step from Dune to Dune Buggy, the theme song to the camp classic Watch Out, We’re Mad – an old Kooiman family favorite starring Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Yeah!



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