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Drone walks dog, parked cars as art…and more

Woohoo! It’s Sunday morning, the sun is shining, and my apartment is featured in the Netherlands’ biggest interior design magazine – what more could I possibly want? I don’t want to get rich, although a new Bemz cover for my IKEA sofa would be nice. And I don’t want to get famous either, although I don’t mind all the publicitity my blog is generating. What I do want, however, is a dog. Or two. Cocker spaniels – like the one I took an Instagram picture of a while ago. The thing is, I’m away from home a lot a so at this particular point in life, getting two dogs probably isnt’ the best idea. Until I saw a video yesterday about a drone walking a dog. All that and more on today’s edition of ‘…and more’!

1 – Drone walks dog

I’m not even sure if this video is real, but you can dream can’t you? All we need to invent now is a drone with an attachable pooper scooper and western civilization is DONE.


Drone walks dog

2 – Parked Cars by Franck Bohbot

If you’re a blog junkie like me, I’m sure you’ve seen the amazing Art Deco movie theater photo series by Franck Bohbot on  I thought I’d have a look at Bohbot’s work and found out we BOTH like to take pictures of parked cars. Check out his work here. And then take a look at my own favorite Instagram parked car picture. Pretty cool, huh?

Frank Bohbot Parked Cars 02 Frank Bohbot Parked Cars 03 Frank Bohbot Parked Cars 04

 3 – Miller house photographed by Balthazar Korab

Darnit! Exactly five years ago this week, my husband and I were on honeymoon in the USA and we drove all the way from Washington, DC to Chicago. Except for the dunes, Indiana was pretty boring I thought. And now I see these pictures of Miller House, designed by Eero Saarinen and decorated by Alexander Girard and think we really should have swung by Columbus, Indiana. Oh well. Here are some of my favorite pictures taken by Balthazar Korab – you can see the rest of the series here. 

Miller House 01 Miller House 02 Miller House 03

4 – Nagano House

I’m not a fan of black and white minimalism, but this picture of Nagano House by TNA Architects is in a league of its own! You can see more here.

Nagano House by TNA Architecture photo by Jimmy Cohrssen 1



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