I wasn’t supposed to be there. The plan was to go on a two-week  trip of Bavaria, the Alps and northern Italy. But, alas. After only one week, I had to return to Rotterdam and spend my second week off at home. As luck would have it though, I received an invitation to a press preview of what’s going to be one of the best exhibitions about Dutch Design this year. I thought I’d check it out and boy, was I in for a surprise! You see, Dream Out Loud at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam features not only some of the best Dutch designers of the moment. It also shows you the changing face of Dutch Design. And to sum it up in two words, social design is where it’s at. Design with a purpose, or as Stedelijk director Beatrice Huf put it so eloquently during her opening speech – it’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.

Now, because so many designers were there for the press preview, I decided to film them as they presented their work. After all, it’s incredibly rare to go to a museum and be in the presence of all the people who have created the works you’re looking at. Kudos by the way to Lennart Booij, the curator of Dream Out Loud! Long story short: This is one design exhibition you don’t want to miss.



Stay tuned for the second part of this blogpost! For more details about Dream Out Loud, go to the special exhibition page of the Stedelijk Museum. And don’t forget to subscribe to the all-new Interiorator TV channel on YouTube. 

Dream out loud!

Henk Stallinga – Chain Reaction

Dream Out Loud started big with an enormous light sculpture by Henk Stallinga.

Next Nature Network – In Vitro Meat

Do you enjoy a big, juicy hamburger but feel guilty for the environment? Next Nature Network has you covered!

Helmut Smits – One Meter Party

Why don’t we celebrate the day our children become exactly one meter tall? Helmut Smits asked himself that very question!

Pieter Stoutjesdijk – Post-disaster Shelter for Haiti

Remember that devastating earthquake in Haiti? Architect Pieter Stoutjesdijk designed this very clever and nice-looking post-disaster shelter

Agi Haines – Circumventive Organs

Bio-printing – it’s a thing now! And designer Agi Haines was at the Stedelijk to tell us more about it.

Elisa van Joolen – Fashion Experiments

People wear different brands to make an outfit – so why not make clothes out of multiple brands? Elisa van Joolen has done just that!

Helmut Smits – The Real Thing

Want to know how much water it takes to make Coca Cola? Helmut Smits has the shocking answer!