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Gee, it’s Delightfull to finally meet you in real life

I am sure many of you know the feeling – you meet someone online, and then when you’re finally meeting the other person in real life, you get a bit doubtful. Will they be as good-looking in real life as they do online? Won’t the spell be broken? I had discovered the delightful Delightfull lamps online a while ago and was smitten. Those beautiful box letter lamps! The shiny brass! The quirky details! I was in LURVE.

So there I was, walking up to the Delightfull exhibition stand at last week’s IMM in Cologne – finally meeting my online love. Sure, it wasn’t the biggest stand in the hall – but size didn’t matter to me. I was greeted by a big, shiny orange letter G with mirrored sides against a black background. I imagined it stood for either Gee whiz! or Golly! – or maybe even Gurl, please! In any case, it was quite a sight – as was the rest of the collection on display. All that brass! The trumpet lamp, the Brubeck, the Diana – it was shiny brass end to end and it looked great. All I could think was – it’s Delightfull to finally meet you.

G lamp by Delightfull unique lamps /// Interiorator

D is for Delightfull Graphic lamps /// Interiorator

D Lamp, part of the Graphic lamps seriesDuke lamp  /// Interiorator

Duke LampClark suspension lamp by Delightfull /// Interiorator

Clark suspension lampBrubeck wall lamp by Delightfull /// Interiorator Coltrane wall lamp by Delightfull /// Interiorator

Coltrane wall lampDuke lamp by Delightfull /// Interiorator

Duke LampTurner table lamp /// Interiorator

Turner table lampBotti floor lamp /// Interiorator

Botti floor lampG lamp /// Interiorator


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