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Cord cutting on Bikini Island

I’ve been writing about vintage design so much lately, I thought I’d delve into contemporary design for a change. Bikini Island by Werner Aisslinger is a design concept that I think is pretty innovative. It’s a modular island sofa concept that works on multiple levels. First, it more or less forces you to put the sofa in the middle of the room – after all, who puts his or her sofa against the wall anymore, right? Second – and I’m going to quote straight from the Werner Aisslinger website here – “The monodirection-sofas orientated to the common tv screen is fading out as a traditional typology.” Which is basically a fancyschmancy way of saying we don’t watch TV anymore so why are most sofa’s still designed like we still spend four hours doing so.

In fact (and this is quite a coincidence – or is it?) we decided last week tot stop watching TV the traditional way. With its endless commercials and a starvation format of one episode of your favorite show per week I had finally had enough and decided to take the leap and cancel my cable subscription. I get all the news, television shows and movies I want through the internet. And apparently, I’m not alone. More and more people are ‘cord cutting’ as this trend is called and it is gaining pace fast. Bikini Island might just be the sofa for a new generation.

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bikini-island-aisslinger12Bikini-Island-Werner-Aisslinger-Moroso-Milan-2013 (1) Werner-Aisslinger-Bikini-Island-Moroso-Milan-2013

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