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Cloudy with a chance of Interior Junkie

As I sit here on the 6:55 train to Amsterdam and start writing this blogpost, the man in the seat right next to me is taking a Spanish lesson using an app on his smartphone. Really, you can’t make up stuff like this. A Siri-like voice says something in Spanish and then the guy replies: Quiero uno something para mi coche. It’s a little weird to hear him say little sentences in Spanish every couple of minutes. And more than a little irritating, since I have to focus and write something nice and flattering about my fellow blogger Elisah Jacobs of Interior Junkie. Who is now in New York City. And I’m not. It’s cloudy and rainy and cold and I’m sitting next to a guy who keeps saying these random sentences in Spanish. First world problems. Okay, now focus, Patrick. Turn up the volume on your headset so that the sound of JoJo by Boz Scaggs will help you ignore the major maricon sitting next to you. Los colores son naturales is the last thing you hear him say, and then you look at all those pretty pictures you collected from last week’s blogposts on You feel better and can face the day with a smile. ¡Guapo!

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