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Carl Auböck’s Mid-Century Brass knickknacks

Will there ever come a day when I can safely say – okay, now I know all the best designers in the world? I seriously doubt it, since I keep discovering new things every day. Take Carl Auböck for example. This Austrian designer made some of the most beautiful brass Mid-Century Modern home accessoires I have ever seen – yet I had never heard of him until yesterday. I particularly love the brass hand. And the foot. Oh, and the bookends. Oh well, I guess I like it all!

You can find out more about Carl Auböck in this article from the New York Times and on the website of New York gallery Mondo Cane – which is also where you can buy most of the items. And where would we be without

Carl Auböck







Brass foot on

Photo by Mondo CaneCarl Auböck


Brass hand paperweight

Carl Auböck

Brass Scotch terrier on


Brass and leather bell on


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