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Most boring color of the year 2014 – TEAL

Have you heard the news? In its infinite wisdom, paint manufacturer Dulux recently declared teal as Color of the Year 2014. Yes, you read that correctly, teal. Have Dulux gone completely mad? Teal does not make any sense. What. So Ever. But why these harsh words, Interiorator? –  I hear you ask. Well, because teal is a mind-shatteringly boring color that that is no better than taupe (urgh) or RAL9010 (don’t even go there). On their website, Dulux calls teal a statement color but take it from me, the only statement you’ll be making with teal is that you like to follow the herd and really should have your eyes checked. Preferably with a hammer.

So, if you want to make your room look like this…

color of the year 2014

… by all means go ahead. You’ll be about nineteen years LATE.

color of the year 2014





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