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Bonjour Interior Junkie!



It’s a small world after all! Blogger Elisah Jacobs of Interior Junkie and I used to write for a previous incarnation of the blogpage on And now our paths cross again! You see, Elisah has switched from blogging about fashion to blogging about interior design and needless to say her brand spankin’ new Interior Junkie blog – God I love that name, by the way – looks fab. Starting today, we will work together on a weekly basis by writing about each other’s blog – or even on each other’s blog. I’m not exactly sure where our collaboration will take us, but I’m sure it’s going to be some place great!

Interior Junkie 00


The Interior Junkie herself, Elisah Jacobs

I have included some of my favorite images from and from theInterior Junkie Facebook page – hope you like them as much as I do.

Enjoy your week – Patrick

PS: And a tip for non-Dutch speaking readers: you can run Elisah’s blog through Google Translate. Or you can just enjoy the pictures!

Interior Junkie 03


What a cool copper pen holder!

Interior Junkie 02


Interior Junkie and I both love giant boxed letters!

Interior Junkie 04


A copper lamp, black chalk paint and fluorescent pink bar stools – you can’t go wrong!

Interior Junkie 05


Dip dye curtains – where can I get them?


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