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Blexbolex and other tasteful stuff your kid must like – OR ELSE!

It’s a good thing I don’t have any children myself – I’d  be a terrible father and spoil my kids rotten with all those perfectly-designed toys and children’s books. I do have two nephews, however, and one of them is now old enough to understand that his funny uncle Patrick likes makes sure he gets the latest tasteful toys, like that Bobles Crocodile we’ll be testing for Interiorator soon. Today though, I’ve collected three other totally tasteful stuff your kid must like – OR ELSE! Let’s start with Blexbolex.


1 – Blexbolex – Seasons

I once gave a Blexbolex book to my nephew for his first birthday. After all, I figured, what one-year old in his right mind wouldn’t appreciate this refined French illustrator? By now, the book must have sunk without trace in a sea of action figures – but at least I gave it a shot. Here are some illustrations from Seasons, Blexbolex’ latest work and one of those books that make parents drool and children shrug their shoulders in indifference.  


blexbolex_seasons1 blexbolex_seasons8 spring-fever-blexbolex

2 – The Urban Fold Kit by Paper Punk

Forty-eight foldable paper shapes and a whopping 697 stickers should be more than enough to shut up even the most hyperactive child for a day or two. All kidding aside, the Urban Fold Kit by Paper punk is a beatifully designed paper city that is also surprisingly affordable.  



3 – Everything Eboy

If I were a child in 2014, I would SO like all these Eboy toys, cushions and wrapping paper. Ergo: my nephews will like Eboy as well, right? At least, that’s the way I see it.  





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