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Black Pearl Rotterdam for sale

Wh-what? You’re telling me that the Zwarte Parel – the Black Pearl – is on the market? And the asking price is only 299,000 euro’s? It was built in 1901 and completely – and I mean completely – renovated in 2010 and has an Escher like floor plan and a stunning black facade. Which might be just the thing to convince Desiree of to trade her beloved Amsterdam for my beloved Rotterdam. The owner is organizing an open door day this Saturday September 14th from 12:30 to 14:30 – which might have been worth checking if I had the time. Anyway,  If you’re looking for a place with a WOW factor (and don’t mind living in the Charlois area – minor detail *cough*) then go to Maarten Makelaardij for the full listing.

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  1. Wish it was in Haarlem or Amsterdam, then it was sold as we speak….

  2. That is one gorgeous and spacious house for only 299.000 euros! Wow, loving it, though I wasn’t planning on moving to Rotterdam (from Groningen), haha. x. Maria

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