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Barcelona design shopping – part 1

You know how it goes…those last days before you go away on a much-needed vacation. You’re extra busy at work, trying to finish everything before you go – hoping that you won’t be inundated with e-mails when you return. You wear all those clothes that you normally never ever wear because you want to save your favorite items for next week and of course, you start planning ahead: what are the sights I want to see? Where are the best beaches? And in my case: where are the best interior design stores in Barcelona? In other words…time to prepare a serious Barcelona design shopping spree!

Luckily, I read Architectural Digest España (my favorite edition by the way) and saved the little travel guide they published last year. Time to do my homework!


1 – Amato Sole

This looks like an interesting mix of vintage industrial design mixed with some contemorary pieces. All I have to do now is figure out how I’m going to get that wheelbarrow in my suitcase.


Amato Sole /// Barcelona design shopping /// Interiorator

2 – Carina Casanovas

I love it when a webshop lists the prices of the stuff they sell. Check out these vinagreras at Carina Casanovas – they’re a steal at only 50 euros. I might just go and pick them up. 

Carina Casanovas /// Barcelona design shopping /// Interiorator


3 – Las Dos Coronas Antique & Design

Pictures like these on the Las Dos Coronas Facebook page make my heart run faster. It’s one thing to sell cool eighties design and another to present them in such an atractive way!


Las Dos Coronas /// Barcelona design shopping /// Interiorator

4 – El Changuito

El Changuito looks like the Barcelona version of Verroest in Groningen with its well-thought out mix of industrial vintage and quirky antiques. It’s also an art gallery, it seems so well worth stopping by.

El Changuito /// Barcelona design shopping /// Interiorator

5 – Gotham


More mouth-watering pre-shopping fun is to be had at the website of Gotham Barcelona. This design blogger is going to be, very, very busy!

Stay tuned for part two of my Barcelona Design shopping preparations – it should be online tomorrow!


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