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Arranging artwork the Interiorator way

I thought it would time for an Arranging artwork the right way blogpost. After all, I still have to finish my own hallway makeover (remember?). Even though the walls, ceiling and doors were painted months ago and the lighting has now been installed as well, I haven’t come around to a) collecting enough new artwork and b) actually putting it up on the walls so that this damn project is actually finished. Even maverick interior stylists like me have their lazy periods, I guess.

A good place to start for inspiration is the AD Design File page. I recently discovered it myself and it’s a true treasure trove of good – and sometimes bad – interior decorating. They even have a dedicated Salon Wall gallery – and that’s were the pictures you see here come from. Thank you, Arcitectural Digest!

I’ve added comments underneath every picture to tell you why I think the arrangement works – so let’s get started!

PS: You might also like the pictures I took recently of the hallway of interior designer Abigail Ahern. She’s very, very good at this sort of thing.

Do you have other tips? You can share them with the other readers in the comments box below!


Arranging artwork the right way

Rule number 1: Don’t be boring. The colors used in the artworks you see here are nice and bright – just the way I like them.


Arranging artwork the right way

I’m not a big fan of black and white but this wall looks great. The gold picture frames go great with that chandelier. Notice how the picture frames aren’t arranged in symmetrical lines -that would make things way too rigid.


Arranging artwork the right way

Try to find original frames, like the zebra skin mirror frame you see here. And see that second picture frame with the underwear drawing? This arrangement works because a) the frames are layered and b? they vary in scale. Two important lessons I’ve learned from Abigail Ahern and that I’m sharing with you free of charge.

Arranging artwork

Artwork on the wall – that can also mean masks or other stuff!


Arranging artwork

The furniture is arranged a bit too symmetrically for my taste, but those lamps really make up for it.



Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive – apparently these paintings came from thrift stores. It’s the combination that makes them look chique and distinguished.




You don’t have to hang everything. Put one or two artworks on the floor as well.


Again, notice how the frames aren’t arranged symmetrically.



Make sure you have more than enough artwork so that guests don’t know where to look first.



Another example of how you should layer your artwork and shouldn’t necessarily hang everything on the wall.



And finally – my personal favorite from the apartment of the one and only Iris Apfel. Is there anything this woman of ‘advanced style’ cannot do?



  1. Good post! This is one of the most asked questions when I teach the students in my interior decorating classes! Also in a lot of interiors where I’m asked for advise , the art and photo frames are most of the time at the wrong hight or at the wrong place. So this post is very helpful for a lot op people. I’ll share the link 🙂

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