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The Archipelago Amsterdam opening party

One thing seems to be leading to another these days. First, my former teacher and good friend Ingrid introduced me to her friends from Maddnes who had just released a new collection of home accessoires. Then, at their opening party I met PR guru Gervaise Coebergh, who invited me over for dinner last week hosted by La Cornue (more about that later). I ended up sitting next to interior designer Rachel van der Brug, a fascinating woman to whom I took an instant liking. We had a great time chatting about everything from Greek and Latin to Farrow and Ball. And so when Rachel invited me to the opening of her new showroom at Archipelago Amsterdam, I said: sure thing!

Flash forward to last Saturday night when I arrived at the chiquer than chique building on Prinsengracht – right across the corner from the art and antiques dealers at Spiegelstraat. The tasteful Archipelago concept store was filled to the brim with people, Prosecco and oysters. And let’s not forget the beautiful 3D art by Italian artist Roberto Fanari – who I got to speak very briefly. And then a funny thing happened, or rather: not very funny at all! You see, I was standing next to this coffee table with a glass top and a big old vase with flowers and – believe it or not – BAM! the whole thing suddenly collapsed. Water splashed all over the floor and about ten seconds later all the lights went out. I kid you not. Luckily, electricity was restored a few minutes later and the glass table top was still in one piece. Phew! Can you imagine my embarrassment? Anyway, for me it was the moment to exit the stage, so to speak and within fifteen minutes I was back on the train to good old Rotterdam for a safe and comfortable evening at home.

Archipelago Amsterdam 01

Beautiful flowers and a cool collage!

Archipelago Amsterdam 02

More flowers!

Archipelago Amsterdam 04

Okay, okay, so I went a little overboard with the flowers – so sue me!

Archipelago Amsterdam 05

The Little Black Jacket is one Chanel book I still have to check out

Archipelago Amsterdam 06

Tiny chandelier in a huge bulb!

Archipelago Amsterdam 07

Rachel imports beautiful fabrics from Venice.

Archipelago Amsterdam 08

Art work by Roberto Fanari

Archipelago Amsterdam 10

I love a good brass credenza!

Archipelago Amsterdam 14

Roberto Fanari himself

Archipelago Amsterdam 15

Things got very busy at the bar!

Archipelago Amsterdam 16

So many great chandeliers!

Archipelago Amsterdam 17

Even more!

Archipelago Amsterdam 18

Great 3D art by Roberto Fanari – even better with those red and blue 3d glasses!

Archipelago Amsterdam 19

One of the most impressive works of art I’ve seen in a while, especially with the 3d glasses!


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