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Amen to the Nest Thermostat!

Today, I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth! That’s what I thought a couple of weeks ago when I unearthed this artwork by legendary artist Woody van Amen. It had been hiding in one of the darkest corners of the vast Kunstuitleen Rotterdam archives and it had my name written all over it – especially since I could rent it for 10 euro’s a month. As you can see it’s a lenticular pair of binoculars and let’s face it – it’s spectacular. And you know what? An original Woody van Amen would be just the thing I needed to go with my newly-installed Nest thermostat! I could already see the blogpost I’d write about combining them on my living room wall. A Woody for my Nest Thermostat – wouldn’t that be a great headline? Or would that be a little too risqué perhaps?

Amen to the Nest Themostat!

I decided to settle for another headline. One that was just as fitting – because boy, I’m in seventh heaven with my new Nest thermostat. My husband and I didn’t even had to get used to it. Instead, the Nest had to get used to us! You see, the Nest is a learning thermostat – which means it can figure out in a week or so what time you get up, what time you go to bed and when you’re at home or out and about. I always get up at the crack of dawn and the very first thing I used to do was run over to the thermostat because my place would be freezing! With the Nest thermostat, I get up and can instantly spend some quality time in a nice, warm living room. I love it how it has vastly improved my morning ritual. Amen to that!

Want to know more about the Nest thermostat? Go to for all the details / Wil je meer weten over de Nest thermostaat? Op vind je alle details!

Oh and – in case you missed part one of my Nest saga…here it is!

Woody van Amen lenticular artwork /// More on Interiorator.comThe pink stripes of these binoculars by Woody van Amen go great with my newly painted living room wall.


My new Nest thermostat against a dark blue wall /// More on Interiorator.comAmen for the Nest thermostat – it has made my morning ritual so much more comfortable!

Woody van Amen lenticular binoculars /// More on

What do you think about the Nest thermostat? Do you have one at home? I’d love to hear from you! Share your experiences in the comments below to get the conversation going!

All photography by Jurgen Wielaard / Wielaard Photography


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