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Aloha Bar, home of the invincible summer!

Well folks, that was it! Today is September 1st and summer is over. OVER! Did you have a good time frolicking on the beach? I know I did! So why not hold on to that summer feeling just a little bit longer at the Aloha Bar in Rotterdam? It’s exactly one year ago that I first wrote not one, but two epic blogposts about (and I’m not exaggerating here) one of the most unusual bars in the world. You see, the Aloha is located at the abandoned Tropicana subtropical swimming paradise. It’s Mad Max meets Miami Vice, I wrote last year and as you can see, that’s still very true. One year on though, some major improvements have been made by the owner with loads of cool vintage furniture, books, albums and Tropicana memorabilia. In addition, when I was there last Saturday, people were still working very hard to create a new indoor urban park area project thing. How cool is that? It should be finished in a few weeks time, so I’m definitely going back in October to get me some of the invincible summer feeling!

The Aloha Bar is so cool it’s not even funny anymore. So if you’re in Rotterdam, you should definitely drop by! They’re located on Maasboulevard near the Oostplein metro station.


Aloha - one of the coolest bars in town Mural Vintage encyclopaediaAloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 03 Aloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 04 Bodyboard against a mint colored wall Aloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 06 Vintage editions of Snoecks /// More on Work in progress at this re-purposed tropical swimming pool in Rotterdam Aloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 10 Ontspannen bij Tropisauna! Tropicana memorabilia Aloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 13 Aloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 14 Aloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 15 Aloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 16 Aloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 17 Aloha Bar 2014 Tropicana 18 The Aloha at the abandoned Tropicana swimming pool in Rotterdam The Aloha at the abandoned Tropicana swimming pool in Rotterdam


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