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Architectural Digest España – ¡Tú también puedes!

Although I see a lot of great pictures in all the interior design magazines each month, there are but a few I go back to again and again. This photo from the September issue of Architectural Digest España is definitely one of them. I spent some time analyzing why I like it so much. Is it the radicchio-colored wall combined with the bright blue and yellow tape? The combination of pictures? That vintage cabinet? Yes, yes and yes. what makes this picture perfect is its simplicity.  Now, my Spanish isn’t great but from what I understand from the words ‘Insragram’ ‘Equipo de AD’ and ‘exposición’ the team of AD España went out and framed some Instagram pictures they took themselves. And that’s all it takes, people: a bucket of paint, a little creativity and a halfway decent printer. You can do this as well – or as they say in Spanish: ¡Tú también puedes!

PS: You can buy Architectural Digest España online through Zinio. It has some of the best interior styling around.

Oh and PPS: On the cover of this month’s issues is the inimitable Abigail Ahern. You might want to check out the pictures I took at her London home earlier this year.

Architectural Digest España

Photo: Isabel López-Quesada for AD España



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