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Accor Hotels asked me to imagine what a hotel room in 2030 would look like

One of the best things about being a design writer is landing assignments that really stretch the imagination. I was recently asked by Accor Hotels to describe what a hotel room in the year 2030 might look like. I travel quite a lot and have stayed at most brands carried by Accor Hotels. I can tell you that this weary traveler was oh so happy when he could unwind at the ultra luxurious Pullman in Guangzhou after a long flight last September. That being said, I also had a wonderful time when I stayed at the highly affordable Ibis Budget Whitechapel in London last week. But I digress. I just found out that my take on a 2030 hotel room is part of a fascinating timeline on the Accor Hotels website that starts all the way back in the 1910’s. Here’s what I had to say.

“I can’t wait to remember this!” Those fleeting moments of happiness are what life is about. And we’re going to have a lot more of them in the hotel room of 2030.

The hotel room will no longer be just a place to crash and then go to the city. The city will come to your room as well. The hotel room interior will offer a daring and colorful mix of its home city: local designers, artists, antique dealers and tastemakers will provide a constantly changing, hypereclectic high-end look that combines multiple design eras. Stepping into a hotel room for the first time will become a moment of genuine surprise again. Computer generated patterns on the walls and ceilings will add to a one-time individualized experience for every guest. And if you have a favorite, all you have to do is save it and take it home with you as a souvenir.

Whether you’re traveling alone or together, the hotel room of 2030 will be a place to enjoy the special moments in life. The luxury that was once only accessible for the happy few, will be available to everyone. Hotel suites will become the norm and will have dining rooms, balconies or even a small shared swimming pool – unforgettable memories guaranteed.

How cool that Accor Hotels visualized my vision on the hotel room of 2030 – I can’t wait to actually stay there! Check out the full timeline with ultracool hotel interiors from the 20th and 21st century on the Accor Hotels website.



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