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Voulez vous? Abba – The Museum

Many, many years ago I had a booze fueled late night discussion with a good friend over which group had the most impact on music history. My friend was convinced it was the Beatles and little homosexual me could only think of one alternative: ABBA! I’m extremely please that 2013 is finally, FINALLY proving me right. You see, ABBA have recently opened a museum in their hometown of Stockholm – simply called ABBA – The Museum. And of course I had to go when I was there last weekend and without further ado…here are the results from the Dutch jury!

Abba - The Museum


Abba - The MuseumDo you think I’d make a good Agnetha?

Abba Museum 03 Abba Museum 07 Abba Museum 08 Abba Museum 09 Abba Museum 10 Abba Museum 13 Abba Museum 14 Abba Museum 15 Abba Museum 16


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