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A la vôtre, Jacques de Bascher!

Imagine Alien vs. Predator – except the Alien is Karl Lagerfeld and the Predator is Yves Saint Laurent. And instead of being set in space, it’s set in Paris in the Seventies – with Jacques de Bascher as the ultimate prize. So what, I hear you think? Didn’t we all hear of De Bascher in that Yves Saint Laurent movie last summer? Absolutely. But you see, I’m SO terribly behind on all the movies and TV shows I want to watch(except for The Comeback of course) that this feud between two of fashion’s biggest designers was all very new to me when I first read about it this weekend. So there.

Anyway, Jacques de Bascher apparently was quite the character I found out. In a review of a book called The Beautiful Fall on the website of the New York Times, he is described as a debauched young noblemen who personified the “gilt-edged decadence” that defined his intimates’ milieu. Color me intrigued! Sadly, De Bascher died from AIDS at age 38. And no, he didn’t just leave ‘a legacy of hatred between two men far more talented than he’ as the New York Times wrote – De Bascher was the director of the first Fendi fashion movie – how about them apples?

So why don’t you kick back and relax, watch the Seventies fashion fest that is Histoire d’Eau and then take a look the pictures I’ve found of De Bascher online. And if you haven’t had enough after that, go over to the website of  Philippe Heurtault for a huge collection of copyrighted Seventies Paris fashion party photo’s that (need I even say it?) include the one, the only Jacques de Bascher. A la vôtre!


Jacques de Bascher 01

Gunnar Larsen (1930-1990) – Homme assis à une terrasse de café et habillé en deux coups de pinceau, 1973 (Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris)

Jacques de Bascher and Karl Lagerfeld 02

With Karl Lagerfeld (very cool glasses, don’t you think?)

Jacques de Bascher and Karl Lagerfeld Instamatic

Instamatic by Antonio Lopez (is that like Instagram avant la lettre?

Karl Lagerfeld and Jacques de Bascher, Eze, France 1985 (749b) $100

Again, with Karl Lagerfeld

Jacques de Bascher and some woman


With some woman  – oh and what is that object in the bottom right? Whatever it is, I want it!)

Jacques de Bascher David Hockney 600px

Yes, de Bascher was even the object of a drawing by David Hockney





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