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Ten reasons you MUST visit OBJECT Rotterdam 2015

Normally I don’t do clickbait headlines like ‘You won’t BELIEVE bla bla’ or ‘X reasons you really should…’ but here I am promoting the living SHIT out of an event that has turned into one of the highlights of the Dutch cultural season. Yes folks, the 2015 edition of OBJECT Rotterdam is coming up and I’m pulling out all the stops to convince you to come over to the teeming metropolis of Rotterdam to enjoy some kick-ass Dutch art and design. After all, I’ve been there before and this year I’m going ALL out and I’m not afraid to admit it. So here we go, 10 reasons you MUST visit OBJECT Rotterdam 2015! OBJECT ROTTERDAM 2015!

1 – Object Rotterdam 2015 = Location, location, location

Before you scroll down to all the design deliciousness I have to show you, let me introduce you to the legendary SS Rotterdam, the cruise ship that used to sail between Rotterdam an New York. This picture perfect vintage Modernist wet dream is the location of OBJECT Rotterdam. Ain’t she a beauty?

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - SS Rotterdam. Foto Paul de Graaff IV

Photo by Paul de Graaff IV

2 – Fransje Killaars

Fransje Killaars is the best. She lent me one of her multi-colored room dividers that I saw at last year’s edition of Object Rotterdam so that I could pretend I actually owned one when I was interviewed for Dutch interior design magazine VTwonen last year. Hihi!

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015  - Multi-colored room divider by Fransje Killaars /// More on

3 – Aleksandra Gaca – Architextile

Talking about room dividers…BRING THE NOISE! And then reduce it with Architextile, the acoustic fantastic room dividers and home textiles by designer Aleksandra Gaca. First time I’m going to her work and I’m oh so looking forward to it!

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - Aleksandra Gaca - Architextiles

4 – Form finder and designer Arnout Visser

Okay, so the PR agency sent me this picture featuring a design by Arnout Visser but for the life of me I cannot figure out what it is. In any case, it looks stunning and I can’t wait to bump into this guy so that he can tell me what he has designed.



OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - Arnout Visser- photo Gerco van Luttikhuizen

5 – New toys by Floris Hovers

Cars are so last year! At the 2015 edition of Object Rotterdam, designer Floris Hovers will be showing us his new collection of toy animals.

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 / Floris Hovers toys



These designers are so IMPORTANT their names are in CAPITALS, people!  All kidding aside, the Tony lamp by Hans Heetman and Jaap Patijn is pretty friggin’ awesome. AWESOME!

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - Heetman | Patijn - Tony

7 – Back to basic lamp by Isabel Quiroga

Talking about lamps, how about the Back to Basic lamp by Isabel Quiroga? I’m always a bit skeptical when people talk about going back to basic because I’d rather go forward to complicated – but I have to say this lamp looks pretty great.

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - Isabel Quiroga - Trio

8 – Chemical Insects by Juliette Warmenhoven

Frankly, I can’t make heads or tails from her website, but these Chemical Insects by Juliette Warmenhoven definitely tickly my fancy.

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - Juliette Warmenhoven - Chemical Insects

9 – BASE Clock by Kranen Gille

Fuck, I’m at 9 already! Oh well…what do you think about this BASE Clock by Kranen Gille? It’s kind of retro except it’s not but could definitely see one in my kitchen!


OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - BASE clock by Kranen Gille

10 – Linda Nieuwstad

Totally unrelated to this blogpost, but I see the name Linda Nieuwstad and I immediately think of Linda Ronstadt and turn on Blue Bayou on Spotify. Anyhoo. I saw Linda Nieuwstad’s huge flowers a while ago at Piet Hein Eek and never took the time to look up the name of the designer. Which is a shame because her work is really in a league of its own. Let’s kiss and make up at Object Rotterdam, Linda!


OBJECT Rotterdam - Linda Nieuwstad - Naar Balthasar van Ast - 2014 - Foto Bart Broeze

11 – Philip Lüschen

Oh well, let’s forget I wrote ’10 reasons you really should visit Object Rotterdam 2015′. I’m going to give you some more! How about these Assembled Objects by Philip Lüschen? Definitely one of the designers I’m looking forward to most!

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - Philip Luschen - Assembled objects

12 – Moving Things by Studio Theun

How the HELL could I have missed Studio Theun at last year’s Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven? Oh well, time to catch up in Rotterdam this year and check out the Moving Things lamp!

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - Studio Theun - Moving Things

13 – Studio Thier & Van Daalen

Oh boy, I definitely remember seeing the work by Studio Thier & Van Daalen at the Kazerne Expo in Eindhoven last year.

OBJECT Rotterdam 2015 - Studio Thier&VanDaalen


What? You want more? You’ve got it! Starting Thursday February 4, I’m going to be reporting from Object Rotterdam like you wouldn’t believe it! And need I even say it? Check out for all the details! 


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